Where can I access educator reports?

Educator's can access student reports by logging into the Educator Dashboard from your tablet or computer browser.

We are constantly working to improve and build new reports for Educators. Our team is working on providing new reports to educators. 

  1. Visit lighthouse.ookaisland.com
  2. Login to your educator account.
  3. Click on the Reporting tab
  4. Click on a class
  5. There are currently two reports available to educators:
    1. Summary Report (Click Summary Report) - The summary report provides a high level snapshot of an individual student's phonological and comprehension progress, highlighting areas where they are doing well and identifying areas where a student is having difficulty and may need additional support. This report is updated nightly.
    2. Progress Report (Click the students' name) - The progress report provides in depth and up to the minutes data of an individual student's progress, including a list of activities they've been playing, the level average and overall average scores for each activity, and their book progress. This report is updated instantly.