Does Ooka Island support students with special education needs?

Ooka Island is a powerful learn to read program for students with attention deficits and other learning disabilities such as auditory processing disorder, low vision, eye tracking difficulties, expressive and receptive speech disorders, phonological difficulties, mild or moderate hearing impairments, and minimal fine-motor skills. Our adaptive reading platform and research-based reading strategies allow all students to experience the fun and functionality of our app. As students progress on Ooka Island, our adaptive reading platform personalizes their path to accelerate or intervene as needed.

Our scaffolded instructions, provides support for all students, allowing them to use our game-based learn to read program independently. 

We use the personalized data gathered from a student's activity on Ooka Island to identify when additional interventions to support a student's unique learning needs are required/ As a result, we send a package of game-based workbook activities to the educator.