How does Ooka Island address differentiated instruction needs?

One of Ooka Island's strengths is its personalized learning based on real-time data which informs a teacher's instruction and the organization of learning networks within the classroom. Ooka Island's adaptive program personalizes learning to read for students by acceleration or intervention including providing access to supplemental support for the teacher to use with the student. Further ways Ooka Island supports differentiated instruction: 

  • As students progress through the game, the types of questions and supports change to reflect their progress along the learning to read continuum. 
  • Our ongoing formative assessment means that students are consistently being assessed to ensure they are learning within their personal zone of proximal development
  • Scaffolded instruction is provided throughout Ooka Island through narration, touch cues, rereading text or sound repetition
  • After reading an ebook on Ooka Island, a student is able to reread the developmentally appropriate book alone, or with narration that highlights the words, to access the stories in a way that suits their learning needs