What skills are taught in the Popcorn library?

Popcorn Library - Unlock a collection of 85 ebooks!

Students learn concept of word and vocabulary and develop fluency and comprehension skills with the 85 ebooks, activities and think-alouds in the Popcorn Library. As students progress, the familiarity of the characters and situations, along with the supportive narration, highlighting, and leveling of the material, makes for a seamless progression toward independent reading. Students may reread each book using one of our three reading options.

Pop and Drop - Navigate a hot air balloon to the ground!

Students will focus on building their listening comprehension of the story that was just read in Pop and Drop. They will focus on simple recall options of who, what, when and where.

Pop and Fly - Launch a hot air balloon into the sky!

Students will practice their reading comprehension of a story that was just read by answering higher-level questions that focus on why, how, comparison and making connections. They will read the answers independently to identify the correct response. 

Seashell Words - Swipe seashells from the shore! 

Using sight words and high-frequency words from the story, students will place words they hear in a sentence to work on developing their automaticity in Seashell Words. 

Seashell Sentences - Sort seashells from Ooka Bay!

Students will listen for a word in a sentence and identify the word through tapping to reinforce their concept of word knowledge in Seashell Sentences. 

Memory Game - Play with Zobot, the friendly robot! 

While playing a fun memory card game, students will practice their sight word recognition using high-frequency words from a story they have read. 

Word Swap - Help find the right word!

Students will work on increasing their high-utility vocabulary by swapping out a word in a sentence for a synonym. 

Ooka Elf Lori - Help Ooka Elf Lori remember the story! 

As students progress through the final 50 books on Ooka Island, they learn to sequence and retell each story either by using pictures or by reading sentences.