How is Ooka Island play organized to keep students on track?

To keep students motivated throughout our 80 hour program, we designed an effective learning flow cycle that is unique to Ooka Island and covers all five foundational reading skills in three distinct parts.

The guided learning flow cycle continually repeats with new, personalized learning content until game completion. Students do not have to finish a cycle per session, but can start and stop any time and their progress will be saved until the next time they sign in to Ooka Island.


Part 1 is 20 minutes of phonological development where students are guided through a variety of activities that teach research-based concepts such as phonemic awareness and blending sounds. As students build on their skills acquired with the easiest sounds, they are presented with the more difficult sounds and tasks in the higher levels.


Part 2 is focused on reading for comprehension. Each cycle, students are rewarded by unlocking one new book, reading it twice and completing concept of word, vocabulary and comprehension activities. Ooka Island’s built-in ereader features 85 carefully leveled books with highlighting and supportive narration.


Part 3 is Free Play! Students have eight minutes to choose whatever they want to do. Students are rewarded with free play where they can choose to revisit games, reread ebooks, change their avatar and spend their Ooka Mist.