What activities will students encounter in F.I.R.S.T., an Adventure on Ooka Island?

Cave of Sounds - A wild ride into a magical cave! Students learn all 44 sounds in the English language, first through purely auditory tasks. They begin by learning the sounds that are the easiest to hear and blend such as /m/ and /oo/, and then progress to the more difficult sounds such as /-e-/ and /l/. As each sound is learned, students match it with its corresponding letter(s) and then progress to identifying initial and final consonants in syllables and words. A similar practice with vowels is provided in the Submarine Listening activity.

Alphabet Mountain - Climb up and skateboard down! Students learn to identify and sequence the 26 letters of the alphabet, both in lowercase and uppercase letters on Alphabet Mountain. A secure foundation in letter recognition helps students match sounds to letters, identify the initial and final sounds in words, and blend sounds together.

Clumsy Wacky Moving Co. - Rescue items from the waterfall! Students develop phonemic awareness in Clumsy Wacky through blending sounds together into syllables and words. Students begin by learning to decode and progress into rhyming words and blending both onset and rhyme and CVC syllables.

Cake Factory - Decorate cakes for the Ooka Elves! By identifying the letter or letters that make up the sounds or word heard, students learn how to segment words into sounds and blend and decode sounds into words in the Cake Factory.

Z-Doo - Zip around Ooka Bay on a watercraft! Students learn how to pronounce all 44 sounds of the English language in Z-Doo. Students are taught how to say each new sound aloud and to connect each sound with its letter or letters.

Bubbly Trubbly - Pop giant bubbles in an overflowing fountain! Students develop letter-sound correspondence in Bubbly Trubbly by listening for a target sound and identifying its corresponding letter or letters in print.

Submarine Listening - Peek through a periscope! What do you see? Students develop phonemic awareness in Submarine Listening by identifying vowels in the initial, medial, and final position of words.

Word Ball - Kick knowledge into action! Students learn the difference between a word and a syllable and progress to more difficult tasks such as decoding in Word Ball.