How do I register my students if I'm in a Clever School?

Scholastic has partnered with Clever to link SDM and Clever. Clever provides detailed documentation in their Help Section: and personal setup support at

Step 1: Sign in with Clever

  • Log into Clever using your district’s unique Clever Instant Login URL. If you do not know your district’s unique URL, go to and select Sign in with Clever. You will be prompted to search for your district and school before logging into your Clever account.

Step 2: Open Scholastic Digital Manager (SDM)

  • After you have logged into your Clever account, select the Scholastic icon from your list of available apps to launch SDM. Don’t see the Scholastic icon? Contact your district’s Clever administrator and request that they grant you access to your new Scholastic resource.

Step 3: Launch Ooka Island

  • You will see your Scholastic Digital Manager (SDM) dashboard. There, you’ll also see the icon for Ooka Island. To start using Ooka Island, select Launch below the corresponding icon. Don’t see the icon for Ooka Island on your dashboard? Contact your school administrator and request that they grand you access.

Step 4: Manage Student Sign-in

  • SDM will automatically grant all your students access to Ooka Island. To manage student access, select Manage Access from your SDM dashboard. To launch Ooka Island, students will select the Scholastic icon from their dashboard. They’ll then go to the SDM dashboard. There, they’ll select Launch below the icon for Ooka Island.