How do I set up classes and students in SDM?

Here is how you can enroll classes in SDM: 

CREATING CLASSES: After entering your access code, you will be directed to create your first class. Enter a class name and select the grade of the class. If your class has students from multiple grades, select This class has multiple grades, and select the From and To grades. Select Create Class to proceed.

ENROLLING STUDENTS: After you create your first class, you will enroll your students. SDM provides two options for enrolling your students. Option A) type in the enrollment data; or Option B) upload a data file.

  • Option A: Type In the Enrollment Data
    • On the Enter Students screen, add the first student’s name. Then select the + button to add each additional student. If your class spans multiple grades, select each student’s grade.
    • Select Save Students when you have finished entering your students’ information.
    • You’ll then be asked to confirm your student roster for that class. Select Edit to make changes and Confirm to approve the list.
  • Option B: Upload a Data File
    • At the bottom of the Enter Students screen, select the link Import students using a file.
    • Select Download Sample File to download the CSV template. It is recommended that you copy and paste your data directly into this sample template. First Name and Last Name are required for all students. If your class spans more than one grade, Grade is also required for each student. Student IS is optional.
    • Next, select Choose File from Computer to upload the file with your student data. SDM will prompt you to review the data in the file and select Confirm if the data is accurate. If you receive an error message, you can make corrections directly in the message.