Where can I access my students' usernames and passwords?

Scholastic Digital Manager (SDM) automatically generates usernames and passwords for each student, which they will use to sign into SDM. Students can access Ooka Island and any other Scholastic digital products you have purchased from their dashboards.

To print your students’ usernames and passwords, select Manage Access from the Scholastic Digital Manager home screen. Select the class you want to view from the dropdown menu. Then select Print Student Logins.

When printing your student login information, you will have three formats to choose from:

  • Home Access: Prints the login information for each student on a separate page.
  • Classroom Use: Prints login information for five to six students per page. These pages should be cut up before distributing to students.
  • Teacher Reference: Prints a reference sheet for the teacher to use in assisting the students to log in.

Easy Login for K-Grade 2

Teachers of students in grades K-Grade2 who have set up their classes in SDM will automatically have the option of using Easy Login. It allows students to access Scholastic digital products using pictures instead of usernames and passwords. To change this option, or to learn more, go to the SDM dashboard. Select Manage Access. Then, at the right of the screen, select Class Settings and scroll to Easy Login.