How can I make changes and additions to classes and students?

You can make changes to your classes and students at any time in Scholastic Digital Manager. Go to to sign into SDM. Then, select Manage Access. You will see a complete record of all your classes and students.

  • To add a class: Select Add Class and follow the prompts.
  • To edit the class name or grade, or to export or archive a class: Select the class and then select Class Settings.
  • To view students in a class: Select the class and t hen view All Students.
  • To print out student usernames and passwords: Select the class and then select Print Logins.
  • To add students to a class: Select Add Students.
  • To grant/revoke student access to Ooka Island: when you enrolled your students in SDM, they were all given access to Ooka Island, as indicated by the checked boxes in the Ooka Island column. You an revoke a student’s access to Ooka Island by unchecking their box. If you’d like a student to have access to Ooka Island, check the box. You can grant or revoke access for an entire class by checking or unchecking the checkbox in the All Students row

You can make changes to an individual student’s information by selecting their name in the class list.

  • To change a student’s data, or to deactivate them from SDM: Select the student’s name and make the desired changes. Select Save.
  • To change a student’s password: Change the password in the Password field. Make changes and select save.