What is included in an educator trial

The Ooka Island Educator Trial includes the first two levels (out of 24) of the program for up to 40 students. This ends up being over 3 hours of learning content for each student with no strings attached. It provides educators with more learning data to draw upon as you see how Ooka Island works for different students.

Why 40 students?

This number acknowledges the realities of the classroom, whether you are a primary teacher, a resource teacher, a literacy coach or leading an after-school program. In most places, the primary grades are capped at 20 students although they can go higher. Some kindergarten classes may have 35 or more!

A 40 student trial allows you to fully integrate the program into your classroom, however, you choose to implement it. Some ways that educators love to use Ooka Island include a literacy station, guided reading group, or even a ‘work on when you’re done your other work’ activity.’ These ideas allow you to rotate your class through the program even with a small set of iPads or tablets.

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