Does Ooka Island support English language learners (ELL)?

Yes! F.I.R.S.T. is ideal for ESL students in Pre-K through grade 2 but can also be used by older readers who are struggling or ELL students. ELL students will benefit from our strong oral language component and scaffolded instruction.

F.I.R.S.T. introduces the 44 English sounds and begins with with basic language. These elements gradually increase in difficulty as the program progresses, making it a natural introduction for a child with minimal English. In addition, words in the e-book stories are highlighted as a child reads, giving them exposure to fluent English as they follow the print on the page. A narrator also provides a brief introduction to each story and some discussion of the events as the story is read.

During the phonological activities, a child with beginning English skills may not, at first, understand the directions; however, once the directions have been explained for the early levels of the program, the child should be able to do the remaining levels with little if any further explanation.