What is Ooka Mist?

As students make their way around Ooka Island, their new skills are rewarded with an in-game currency called Ooka Mist. This is one of the many motivational features that is designed to make Ooka Island an engaging experience for students! 

What can students buy at the Mist Mart?

  1. Clothing and Costumes! Children can dress up their avatar in a wide variety of clothing and crazy costumes which they can then find in the big yellow wardrobe located in the Pencil Playground.
  2. Pencil Playground Materials! New playground equipment, wallpaper and flooring purchases can be found already set up and ready to go in the Pencil Playground.
  3. Ooka Tunes Music! Ooka Island has a whole soundtrack of fun and original songs that encourages reading. Once purchased in the Mist Mart, children can find their new tunes on the giant radio in the Pencil Playground.
  4. Zopet! When children finish the alphabet and reach the top of Alphabet Mountain, they unlock “Zopet,” their own fun-loving Ooka pet! After this accomplishment, they can visit the Mist Mart during Free Play and buy Zopet. They can also purchase additional items for Zopet, including food and tricks. Zopet and all related items will appear after purchase by clicking on the doghouse in the Pencil Playground.

If you notice on your report dashboard that a student is collecting a lot of Ooka Mist, you can show them the Mist Mart the next time they are in Free Play!