How do I know if there has been a reading break-through?

The Book Progress Report can be used to determine when your child has broken into reading.

Red Line: Represents a child’s understanding of what s/he is reading (comprehension).

Blue/Green Line: Represents a child’s ability to match the words heard with what is seen in print (concept of word).

Through approximately the first 15 to 20 books in the Ooka Island Adventure it is expected that there will be ups and downs in comprehension and concept of word scores, because the child is learning new skills. (See the scores for books 1 to 14 in the sample graph above.) As the learning process continues, progress can be seen in the way the red and blue lines come together near the top of the graph (as for books 16 – 22 above). This shows that the child understands how a spoken and a written word are related (concept of word) and is able to hold story details in memory (comprehension), which means the child is emerging into reading.

Once a child reaches book 36 in the Popcorn Library, s/he is expected to have a solid understanding of the relationship between a spoken and a written word (concept of word), and to have acquired some beginning sight vocabulary. At this point, in addition to continuing to build up sight vocabulary, s/he is learning to hold longer stories in memory and to recall story events in sequence. All of this is essential to becoming a successful reader.