What reports are available for parents?

To find your Ooka Island reports, first you must log into your Lighthouse Account and click on Progress Reports in the top right corner. 

There are two types of reports that you can access from here.

  1. Report Card
  2. Progress Report

Report Card (Click Child Name) 

Each activity on Ooka Island reinforces one of the foundational reading skills, and the Report Card provides a snapshot of a child's progress in each of these activities. 

1. Book Progress Report 

This report charts each book a child has read in the Ooka Island Adventure. The red line in the chart represents the child's understanding of what s/he has read (comprehension) and the blue line represents his/her ability to match the words heard with what is seen in print (concept of word).

Click Reading Report to show the individual scores for the comprehension activities associated with each book. In the chart below, we can see the child's scores for the first five books for Pop and Drop (comprehension) and Seashells (concept of word).

2. Reading Skills Report

This report displays a child's progress in each phonological activity. For each activity, the current activity level, the current level score and the overall activity average are displayed. 

Note: As a child moves through the levels in the program, it is normal to see the level score and activity average become inconsistent. In the chart below, the Cave of Sounds overall average is higher than the level average, which means that the child found the most recent activity challenging. However, the Cake Factory level average is higher than the overall average, which means that the child is improving and has had a breakthrough in that reading skill. 

3. The Accuracy Analysis Report

This report displays an overall score for each level completed in each activity. The average time required to complete the level is also displayed. For most of the activities, clicking on the activity, for example, Bubbly Trubbly, level 3, displays a full breakdown of the content used in that level. 

The colour coding in the report indicates how well the child is doing: 

Green means the child is doing well.
Yellow means the child is finding the content challenging.
Red means child is struggling with the content in that level.
In the report below, the results for the Cake Factory activity show that the child initially struggled but has made a breakthrough in the reading skill shown by the improving scores. 

Progress Report (Click PROGRESS REPORT) 

The Progress Report is summary of a child’s progress in foundational reading skills and comprehension and phonological development.. This report is available once a child reaches the second level of the program.