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How do I log into my educator account?

Upon signing up for Ooka Island. Your login information allows access to two important places.

1. Ooka Island App

The Ooka Island app is where your students will log in and start their personalized learning adventure.

Getting Started:
  1. Open the Ooka Island app and tap “Already Have an Account”
    Haven't downloaded the app? Click here to learn how
  2. Enter your username and password. You only have to do this once per device
  3. Now you can hand off the device to a student to complete logging in. Your student password list is attached at the end of this package (p. 8) and can also be accessed from your Educator Dashboard
  4. Repeat these steps for each device you are using for Ooka Island

2. Teacher Dashboard

  1. Visit
  2. Login to your educator account using your email and password
  3. From here you can access student reports and manage your classrooms: